It’s a leader in the private information market. Innovation, leadership, and process business are the core business in the foundation of my company. Exclusive, intelligent and fast makes working with ours customer and working with us happy and comfortable.

Tecnology, Marketing, and Creative Experience

My firm is the room of economic school, to work in three different contest Modern Society, Order Kingdom and Cabalistic Science in a economic and political statement.

Our brand:

Don Ajello Public Affairs

Elite management, nobles politics and star system .

Caffe Express Agency

Vip Agency for carrers of important personality.

La Pure Alchimie Socialite

Socialite in the mondanity of the world.

Case Experience

Our experience make-job on the the law and economic rule that its installed between relation state and reign. My firm actually is influent in New York, Milan, Barcelona, Dubai e Singapore.


  • Matrioska
  • Urofobo
  • Helyos

I live and work in my vacation house in Valencia: Tree Of Life

  • If you want the nobility. And masonry it’s tight for you. Here! There of my mint! Contact your flot my log and you will call from “representative” of agency and we teach you where are you from in Modern Society “economy” for access in aristocratic class.

“Stay hungry stay follish”

Steve Jobs

Apple CEO

Contact: Calle Juan De Mena, 12/1a, 40068, Valencia, Spain